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Isn’t it Odd?

July 11, 2010

I recently found out about this cool new magazine from Samir Husni’s blog, Mr. Magazine ( (Side note: As the director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi, Husni aka “Mr. Magazine” has got some credentials, and some great insight into new magazines and the industry overall.)

Odd Magazine, which just launched it’s first issue in July, is published by 30 students at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.  I hope to find a copy of it soon, but you can check out some of their stuff at their website

They’re revolving their magazine around the theory of the Six Degrees of Separation by showing six connections between seven people in the fashion industry.  As the website states, “The magazine is inspired by the lives and styles of these seven key persons and the stories about their creative lives, which just happen to be a little bit odd.”  Well, the editors can explain it a little better than I can:

The website includes some of their inspirations, stories, and their “Odd” line of accessories and clothes.  I really dig this necklace made out of negative film.

Or this “odd” bracelet/ring:

I think this would be a cool magazine to check out because it’s put together by students who have a refreshing, independent take on fashion.  I only wish my school could have done something this awesome.